The inspiration for goname.com, Inc. was the realization that there is a need for a dedicated sales forum for Internet domain names featuring an experienced team of knowledgeable personnel who provide industry leading customer service while providing direct access to the best domains on the Internet. The company is headquartered by a team of industry leading experts in Nashville, TN that oversee its global operations.

goname.com, Inc. is a company that excels in the business of operating the most streamlined platform in the domain selling industry that offers inherently unique, highly valuable domain names that provide individuals, charities, businesses an online identity. What makes goname.com, Inc. different and special is that goname.com, Inc. offers a cost effective mechanism by which people can purchase and register the domain name that best suits their individual needs.

goname.com owns a portfolio of approximately 40,000 high value domains with new domains added daily.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us support@goname.com.

Van Gray

Technology Visionary

I was unsure at first, but after talking to customer service and receiving the price I wanted, I found it to be a very pleasant experience.


I was very pleased with the entire transaction. I even recieved a phone call and follow up email to my questions.